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How to Eat Low Carbs and Weight Loss Successfully

Carbs and weight loss have become something that are totally contrast. That is why you should to consume low carbohydrate diets to have successful weight loss program. Make sure that you can know how much carbs consumed every day, so the main goal of weight loss can be reached. You can make the low carbs diets more enjoyable if you do it in the right way. Besides, always get relaxed to make this program works effectively.

The Highest Amount of Carbs Consumption Daily

You should have carbs from vegetable sources maximally 20 grams per day in the first two weeks of the weight loss program. Avoid starchy vegetables and it is better to choose spinach, celery, lettuce, broccoli and mushrooms. You can make the meal times like normal or having 5 smaller meal times per day as long as the period. Your body will get used to this strict diet program.

Carbs and weight loss

 What Foods to Avoid and Best Food to Eat  

Low carbs and weight loss program can’t be succeed if you consume foods that contain too high carbs such as rice, potatoes, fruits, pasta, bread and also baked foods. Only consume vegetables and protein sources. Get 6 ounces of protein in every meal time. Choose protein sources such as fish, poultry, veal, pork, eggs and cheese. Add some butter, canola oil and olive oil to get more flavor.

 Stay Hydrated and Fit

It is important to stay hydrated during your weight loss program’s induction period. Drink water, tea, coffee, broth and club soda. You still can drink sweetened tea or coffee with artificial sweetener maximally three packages daily. It is also good to have some multivitamin supplements every day to fulfill the nutrients needs of your body.

 Don’t Skip Any Mealtime

Even you are in low carbs and weight loss diet, it isn’t recommended to skip mealtime and don’t keep starving as long as 5-6 hours. Such long empty stomach may cause famine alert in your body; the fats will be held and the metabolism will be slowing down because your body reacts to the starvation.  

 Gradually Increase the Amounts of Carbs

After the second week of induction period ends, you can increase the carbs gradually into your meal about 25 – 60 grams every day. Choose healthy carbs sources like breads, whole grain, and also fruits. Everyone will need different rates of weight loss. That is why you should monitor how much you have lost your body weight and then adjust the carbs intake according to the data. So you can make the carbs and weight loss program in balance.

Once you have lost 10 lbs. increase the carb intake by 5-10 grams. The foods that can be chosen are such as beans, starchy vegetables, oatmeal, and other healthier carbs. The gradual increasing of carbs will adapt your stomach more easily after the induction period. That is why you also should choose the right foods. Make a diet that is suitable with the new lifestyle and choose the easy diet to maintain your low carbs and weight loss program.

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