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How Often Can I Eat on the Paleo Diet

How Often Can I Eat on the Paleo Diet

How Often Can I Eat on the Paleo Diet ?

The basic response is to consume when you are hungry. If you are following the paleo diet, then you are eating more satiating foods and are less likely to over indulge, if you are eating high quality, entire foods.

I question you ever heard anyone say “I just could not stop eating that bag of broccoli”, or “I just ate 6 lawn fed steaks without understanding exactly what occurred.’

The point is that as soon as you stop consuming extremely processed foods, including foods with high salt and processed sugars, your instinctual hung pangs will return. It may take some time to learn how to pay attention to them, but they will return.

So when do I eat?

In general I would stick to 3- 4 meals a day, but this really depends upon your goals and activity level. It also depends upon you mix of carbs and how well your body is adjusted to burning fat?

Eating within the very first Thirty Minutes of the day might be effective for burning fat. Also cutting your meals off a few hours prior to bedtime may be healthy too.

If you are attempting to wean you self off of sugar you might eat every 2 to 3 hours as you manage the carbohydrates to 150 on the day. You might discover that when you are getting your main carb source from sweet potatoes, vegetables, and fruit that you are able to control you yearnings a little better.

Post Exercise

The best time to consume carbs for many would be after a workout. Your body will make the very best use of a piece of fruit or a sweet potato if you consume it within 30 minutes post workout.

Do I require Snacks?

If you are eating regular meals you actually should not need treats, but you may find that you desire one anyhow, or your appetite might sneak up on you if you get busy at work. It’s a great idea to keep some high quality Paleo Snacks on hand like a handful of almonds, and a piece of dark chocolate.


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There is some debate of the worth on periodic fasting, but you find that the advantage might not be worth the sacrifice. You will find that it is simpler to avoid meals due to the absence of sugar spikes. This makes it simpler to make better options in the occasional case you are not prepared to eat at your typical time.

I hope this helps however, total I think the best recommendations is to eat entire foods, and eat when your body requires it.

Have a good day!

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